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Peruvians receive a World Food Safety Day education … and walk for food standards


The Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA), through the General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA) and in conjunction with the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, through the National Agrarian Health Service of Peru (SENASA) as well as the Ministry of Production, through the National Agency for Fisheries Health (SANIPES) organized an "Educational Day for World Food Safety Day in Peru" in June. The virtual event took place via the Zoom Platform and was aimed at the general population.

Likewise, on 8 June, the three health authorities DIGESA, SANIPES and SENASA, with the participation of the Health Promotion Directorate of MINSA, the Office of Transparency and Anti-Corruption (OTRANS) the Municipality of Lince and other national institutions, organized a walk with poles, placards, banners and with music and traditional Peruvian costumes. The walk concluded at an educational mini-fair aimed at the general population, with games and awards related to the celebration to raise awareness about the importance of safe food and that "Food Standards Save Lives".

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