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The State of the World's Forests
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Wildlife and people in the Rupununi

A comprehensive assessment based on science and local knowledge.

AIM4 Forests

FAO and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have launched AIM4Forests, a five-year programme that aims to support forest monitoring based on modern monitoring technologies and technical innovation, as well as the use of space data and remote sensing.

Play more, live better! Using sustainable widlife management games to help adults and children collaborate and solve complex problems together

This publication is a case study on the development and testing of innovative no-tech or low-tech games to manage wildlife hunting sustainably.

Kwinda Nyama: A multiplayer hunting game for social learning and sustainable use

Nearly 1 billion people globally rely on wild food for their daily nutrition. The Wildlife Conservation Society, with support from the SWM Programme, developed this low-tech, multiplayer decision-making game with rural communities in the Republic of the Congo and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Low-tech games can help communities manage wildlife sustainably.

Effective forest and landscape restoration actions in Lebanon

Using pilot activities, restoration projects in Lebanon aim to step up restoration efforts by establishing and strengthening an enabling environment.