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The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) Communicators Network Joint Initiative today launched a new initiative to encourage greater use of products made from sustainably grown wood as a key strategy for combating climate change.
FAO and EU launch 15 million euro project to boost sustainability of Uganda’s forestry sector
FAO has launched a 15 million euro ($16.29 million) project funded by the European Union to help Uganda’s forestry sector contribute more sustainably to the economy and the environment.
Strengthening coherence forestry and social protection
A new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) calls for social protection and forestry to be aligned to work towards shared goals of risk reduction and poverty alleviation for forest dependent people.


Strengthening coherence forestry and social protection publication

Approximately one-third of the world’s population depend on forests for their livelihoods. This document presents a guiding framework to assist governments and development organizations in attaining coherence between social protection and forest policies to improve the well-being of forest-dependent people.

Contribution of the forest sector to total employment in national economies

Forests and the forest sector are important sources of employment, livelihoods and incomes for millions across the globe, particularly in rural areas. Despite the relevance of forests for employment and income generation, limited quantitative information is currently available. This study employs a new method to provide sound total employment estimates in the forest sector on a global scale.

Connecting forest and farm producer organizations to climate change finance

A toolkit for apex forest and farm producer organizations


Grass charcoal production in Ghana

In Ghana, small producers are revolutionizing the production of charcoal. By using savanna grasses to make charcoal briquettes producers promote renewable...

Restoring land and livelihoods with beekeeping in Tanzania

In northern Tanzania, recurring drought in recent years caused by climate change has put pressure on communities who make their livelihoods by keeping...

International Day of Forests 2021: Forest restoration – a path to recovery and well-being

Restoring forests helps build a healthier world for ourselves and for future generations. By replanting and managing forests sustainably, we can help...

Forest and Farm Facility amplifies the potential of forest and farm producer groups

The Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) works directly with producer organizations to help them become stronger, amplify their potential and connect with...

#2BillionCare - do you?

Two billion people live in the drylands, which cover 41 percent of the world's land area. Far from being bare and lifeless, these drylands contain trees...

Why does legal timber matter?

The FAO FLEGT Programme has supported over 200 projects in 40 tropical timber-producing countries to improve forest governance and support legal timber...

Empowering forest communities in The Gambia

A nationwide programme to transfer government-owned forest land to local communities is changing lives in The Gambia while promoting the sustainable...

State of the World’s Forests 2016: Forests and agriculture - land use challenges and opportunities (longer version)

Agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation. Large-scale commercial agriculture and subsistence agriculture currently account...

FAO and the Mau Forest

Kenya's Mau Forest stretches over the hills between the Rift Valley and Lake Victoria. Rain falls every day here for at least six months of the year,...

Forests for food security and nutrition

Forests provide an estimated one billion people globally with nutritious foods. Their products are consumed directly by people living in and around...

Elearning Academy

Developing bankable business plans for sustainable forest-based enterprises
Developing bankable business plans for sustainable forest-based enterprises

This course has been developed to improve the capacity of small-scale producers and small and medium-sized enterprises to access investment and other...

Sustainable financing
Sustainable financing of forest and landscape restoration

To meet countries’ national commitments to restoring degraded landscapes, adequate public and private investments are needed. This course has been developed...

Tenure security
Tenure security for better forestry: Applying the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure

Strengthening tenure creates powerful incentives for the sustainable use of forest resources. Based on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance...