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The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) Communicators Network Joint Initiative today launched a new initiative to encourage greater use of products made from sustainably grown wood as a key strategy for combating climate change.
FAO and EU launch 15 million euro project to boost sustainability of Uganda’s forestry sector
FAO has launched a 15 million euro ($16.29 million) project funded by the European Union to help Uganda’s forestry sector contribute more sustainably to the economy and the environment.
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Forest and farm producer organizations representing the world’s smallholder farmers, Indigenous Peoples and local communities are gathering in Pokhara, Nepal, this week to explore how to best manage the world’s agrobiodiversity.


Towards more resilient and diverse planted forests.

This Unasylva presents novel findings and state-of-the-art information on planted forests. These forests support livelihoods - including through timber production - while also providing ecosystem services, restoring degraded ecosystems, and adapting to and mitigating climate change.

Guide to multiple-use forest management planning for small and medium forest enterprises

This publication offers step-by-step guidance for planning how to take care of and use forests sustainably to meet specific environmental, economic, social and cultural objectives. It shows small and medium-scale forest managers how to address administrative, economic, legal, social, technical and scientific aspects of forest management, applying globally recognized standards.

Elearning Academy

Developing bankable business plans for sustainable forest-based enterprises
Developing bankable business plans for sustainable forest-based enterprises

This course has been developed to improve the capacity of small-scale producers and small and medium-sized enterprises to access investment and other...

Climate-smart forestry
Climate-smart forestry

This course explores the role of forests and trees in climate-smart agriculture (CSA). It takes into consideration the ecosystem services and goods...

Measuring the role of forests and trees in household welfare and livelihoods
Measuring the role of forests and trees in household welfare and livelihoods

The course introduces the definitions related to forest and wild products and describes the various methods and issues relevant to the forestry modules...


International Day of Forests 2024: New solutions for a better world

Innovation is unlocking the forests’ long-kept secrets and allowing us to use trees in ways we never imagined possible.

Sustainable wood: The manifesto

Over the centuries, we’ve moved away from using wood as a building material, at great cost to the planet.

Sustainable wood: Climate-friendly cities

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Sustainable wood: Housing a growing population

A growing population means more buildings to fit everyone. By 2030, we will have to house an additional 3 billion people. Using wood from sustainably...

Sustainable Wood: Building the future

Wood can be a material of the future, helping to build a bio-economy for the planet's health and economic recovery. Durable “cross-laminated timber”...

Forests and sustainable production and consumption

For millions of people across the world, wood helps provide safe drinking water, food and shelter - but wood can do much more and is a renewable resource...

Is your toothbrush made of plastic or wood?

Replacing more of the plastic things we use every day with wood-based products from sustainably managed forests can help combat climate change and achieve...

Sustainable forests: a powerful ally against climate change

Climate change is subjecting our planet to unsustainable pressures. Forests and trees trap and store carbon as they grow – standing at the frontline...

The Sustainable Development Goals need forests

Forests are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are a vital part of our global ecosystem. They not only contribute to...