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Mr. Anup Kumar Das

Organization: CARE India
Country: India
I am working on:

Food Systems Approach- Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

Anup Kumar Das

D/301, Baishnav Vihar Apartments, Bomikhal Area, Bhubaneswar, India

+91-94371-69710 • [email protected] anup-das-38860117/


Agriculture-Nutrition-Climate connect & Natural Resources Management


Meticulous • Go-getter • Problem Solving • Research & Analytics • Written & Communication skills


An enthusiastic and committed Strategy Specialist and Implementation Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the development sector. Extremely organized with the ability to work both independently of own initiative or as part of a successful team, demonstrating the motivation and multi-tasking abilities required to meet demanding deadlines while maintaining the highest of standards. Currently looking for a new and challenging position as a thought leader and project management lead in international environment where I can cross-fertilize my learning and skill set with local context


Career Summary


  • 20+ years of demonstrative experience in dealing rural livelihoods promotion impacting change in NR bases, agriculture ecosystems and Food-Nutrition outcomes for the most disadvantaged communities at pan India scale
  • Instrumental in devising key sectoral strategies - NRM, Cropping Systems, community based CCA and agriculture value chains and successfully implemented flagship Livelihoods, CSR and Food-nutrition projects funded by donors such as DFID, EC, BMGF, GIZ Corporate Business Houses and the State as well as the Union Governments
  • Manage and coordinate multi-discipline livelihoods activities (on-farm and off-farm based) to ensure projects are executed in a safe, efficient, cost effective and timely manner mobilizing community-based organizations with gender driven approach
  • Key technical skills include Participatory Technology Development, Action Research Modules, Project cycle management, Concurrent monitoring and evaluation, Theory of change and Logical and Results framework analysis; results driven networking and resource mobilization track from the stakeholders
  • Conceptualized and handled thematic surveys and studies as part of evaluation and outcome tracking
  • IT skills include Microsoft office suite (Office 365, MS SharePoint), SPSS and hands on experience in building architecture of online offline (COCO) web as well as mobile app-based monitoring and data handling platforms           


Professional Experience


Irrigation Engineer   Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project (DFID) • Odisha • India  Mar 1999–Feb 2003


- Sustainable Livelihood Development Project through Farming Systems approach

  • Initiated Participatory Planning Process, Prepared Design & Cost Estimation and Executed establishment of various Soil and Water Conservation measures and Water Harvesting measures
  • Facilitated promotion of livelihoods support systems for the tribal communities through active community partnership and capacity building initiatives
  • Integrated Natural resources management & Livelihoods development approaches based on Watershed Management concept


Senior Project Officer  South Asian Foundation for Human Initiatives •Kolkata •India  Feb 2003-Jan 2005


  • Liaison with government departments, NABARD and funding agencies for business development as well as for preparation of perspective plans for programmes – bagged and implemented four EC-aided community based minor irrigation projects and three Govt. of India sponsored watershed projects
  • Supervised team of multidisciplinary experts and facilitated project management through efficient fiscal as well as resource planning, manpower and infrastructure allocation, monitoring and technical backstopping


Technical Consultant (freelance)    DJ Research & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.• Odisha• India    Jan–May 2005


  • Drafted comprehensive district development plans for poverty eradication & sector development projects such as National Food for Work Programme (MoRD, GoI), Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana (Planning Commission) for two districts
  • Facilitated sensitization of Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) members & other stakeholders on perspective planning of several central sponsored schemes by the Government of India


State NRM Specialist   OWDM (Govt. of Odisha) & WORLP (DFID, UK funded) • India   May 2005-Aug 2009


  • Led the formulation as well as implementation of overall NRM strategies & Climate Change adaptation measures (Soil & water conservation, Cropping Systems, Common Property Resources Management) for local communities
  • Provided Technical as well as Managerial support to district teams for achieving project’s goal of sustainable rural livelihoods through farm and non-farm income generation activities through collectivization, value chain intervention and market intermediation
  • Managed the biggest portfolio (land based) under grant component of INR 1800 million from DfID to create value for investment and potential economic rate of return.
  • Designed Terms of References for consultancies, Managed Reviews, Impact Assessment of project, Offered technical cooperation during onsite and offsite visits of external Consultants, DFID personnel


Engineer International Water Management Institute• Uttarakhand & Nagaland• India    Aug 2009 –Jul 2010


  • Conceptualized project design and facilitated implementation of participatory water management and governance for small-holder farmers in the Sub-Himalayan -northern and northeastern hill regions creating a learning interface bringing together researchers, government, grass-root agencies with practitioners
  • Conducted participatory trials with small-holder farmers on innovative irrigation application systems focusing on improving traditional irrigation practices by through improved WUE, BCR, Yield & Net Return
  • Overlaid geo-physical environments on socio-economic conditions of the hill-terrain communities to offer feasible and cost-effective water management solutions under IWMI-TATA water policy research project


Area Programme Manager    Ambuja Cement Foundation• HP & Uttarakhand• India    Jul 2010- Feb 2012


  • Designed and steered community development measures for the plant affected communities integrating NRM interventions with off-farm livelihoods support systems, promoting value chains and market-credit linkage for WSHGs, Farmers groups under company’s CSR commitments
  • Managed relatively next generation portfolio pertaining to corporate sustainability- specifically dealing with Water Neutrality, Carbon Offsetting & Alternate Fuel- biomass aspects creating shared value
  • Dovetailed funds from various donors- government agencies as well as bilateral donors, convergence of various rural development schemes to bring in perceptible changes in social development process
  • Ensured community and stakeholder engagement innovating social engagement scorecard process


Chief Manager- CSR       DB Power Ltd. Super Thermal Power• Chhattisgarh• India     Feb 2012– Aug2013


  • Formulated CSR- CD plan, facilitated implementation for the Plant Influenced Areas, managed external and internal relationships Rehabilitation & Resettlement issues
  • Facilitated upgraded 3 government run Industrial Training Institutes as center of excellence under public-private-partnership mode
  • Liaison with district magistrates, legislative and executive members, public and private institutions, Civil Society Organizations for aligning business objectives with community aspirations as a part of socially responsible investment
  • Represent DBPL-CSR in various forums/ workshops, documentation & compliance to various statutory guidelines, periodic reporting including sustainability report to ensure company does not get into legal complication


Agriculture Advisor, Odisha  CCKNIA Project (GIZ & MoA & FW, GoI)• Odisha• India  Sep 2013–Nov 2016


The project envisaged to establish an effective knowledge exchange system (through use of ICT) between the expert institutions and farmers thereby enabling farmers access and use of technologies and practices to help them adapt to climate change:

  • Conducted need assessment on the potential of existing information- and knowledge systems

   concerning climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector at state and district level

  • Provided content related support to the development of an IT-based concept for a climate change knowledge network (hub & spokes model) to link knowledge centers (universities, regional research institutes, meteorological institutes) with local service providers (extension services, cooperatives, traders) and user client- farmers (federal, state and district level)
  • Advised Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Odisha on region-specific climate change adaptation measures within the agricultural sector in the project areas. Operated NICE (ICT) platform for climate smart information dissemination system for Dept. of Agriculture & FE, Govt. of Odisha


Deputy Director      CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development• Odisha• India    Dec 2016–Present


Technical Assistance and Research for Indian Nutrition and Agriculture (TARINA – from 2016 till June’2021) project funded by the BMGF through Cornell University aims to achieve nutrition outcomes at small-holder farmers level through production as well consumption of nutrient dense food products, value chain management and capitalizing on improved behaviour and practice through SBCC inputs 


  • As a project lead, responsible for planning, execution, networking, executive overseeing and strategic focus setting for the project
  • Provide technical backstopping and implementation guidance for the domain experts on 9 broad themes in the project i.e. Agriculture and allied, Livestock, Behavior change communication and Women collective strengthening
  • Forge linkages and partnerships with government line departments and several research and development institutions for co-creation of climate smart nutrition sensitive models
  • Create evidence from field through documentation of nutrition layering of food systems approach on conventional agriculture systems to address malnutrition at small-holder context
  • Promote FPO as a social enterprise model for mobilizing around 500 small-holder farmers as shareholders and establish backward and forward linkages for the unit from producers to market


At present, leading School Nutrition Garden (SNG) program pan Odisha under an MoU with SSD Dept. Govt.of Odisha – SNG is a micro-scale nutri-sensitive initiative that aims at creating availability and access to micro-nutrient rich vegetables and fruits and improved nutrition information for the adolescent students.


Education, Training and Professional Development

International Course on Community Based Integrated Watershed Management at International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), Philippines                                                                            2000

International Course on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Impact Assessment Programmes of Food & Nutrition Programmes at IRES, Nairobi, Kenya                                                                       2019

Study tour-cum-experience sharing visit to different scientific-research and government & non-government organizations in Germany sponsored by GIZ- GOPA Consultants, Germany          2016

Training course on "Improving Productivity and Livelihoods through Integrated Watershed Management" at International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)                       2007

Training on Watershed Management and Restoration Measures from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India                                                                                                           2006

Writeshop: A Course on Communication and Publication for GIZ, Banker’s Institute of Rural Development, NABARD, Lucknow                                                                                                                                     2015

Effective Communication and Leadership Development Skill, Mumbai by Ambuja Cements Ltd. 2011


Master of Technology (Soil & Water Conservation Engineering)                        1996-1998

Bachelor of Technology (Agricultural Engineering)                                   1991-1995

Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology• Bhubaneswar, India         

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management                                     2007-2008

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar• India


Poster presentation for 14th Triennial Symposium of International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC) at Trivandrum, India                                                                                                           2006

National Workshop on Climate Change Knowledge Network – Indian Agriculture (CCKN-IA), MANAGE, Hyderabad                                                                                                                                      2015

Paper (oral presentation) at the 4th Asian Population Association Conference, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China                                                                                                              2018

Paper (oral presentation) at the Eleventh International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses – “Climate Vulnerability, Diet Diversity And Household Nutrition Insecurity Among Small Holder Farmers Of Eastern Region” Of India at Catholic University America, Washington DC, USA                      2019

Presented in Networking workshop on Arsenic- Root to Gut organized by the University of Sheffield, UK, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Bangladesh Agriculture University                  2019

Abstract for oral presentation accepted -Climate Smart Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture: a panacea for small-holder farmers from rainfed tracks of Odisha, India at Global Food Summit, 2019, Munich, Germany


Publication on Micro Level Participatory Planning Process (User Manual with ISBN- 978-81-906787-2-8 & ISBN- 978-81-906787-0-4 both in English & Oriya vernacular)


Two publications on Common Property Resources Management in Orissa- in collaboration with the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management, Govt. of Odisha

Authored "Irrigation Scenario & Prospects of Micro-irrigation in Orissa” chapter in the IWMI compiled publication on Micro-irrigation – Economics & Outreach (Macmillan India publisher) –ISBN: 978-935-059-062-1

Authored “Water Management Options in the Hill Regions of Uttarakhand” chapter in the IWMI- ICAR compiled publication on Water Management in Hill Regions – Evidences from Field Studies (Bloomsbury India publisher) -ISBN: 978-93-82563-49-5


Authored publication of booklet and Green Passport for Farmers in Odisha on Govt. schemes and AKIS (in Odia vernacular)


Acharya A, Das AK. (2020). District-level analysis of climate vulnerability and household nutrition status among rural communities in Odisha, India. International Journal of Population Studies, 6(1):41-55. doi: 10.18063/ijps.v6i1.1069

Acharya A, Pradhan M & Das AK (2021). Determinants of minimum acceptable diet feeding among children aged 6–23 months in Odisha, India. Public Health Nutrition. doi:10.1017/S1368980021002172


  • National Scholarship holder from 1988 to 1995
  • Ranked 1st in Bhubaneswar Center in PGCBM course from XIM, Bhubaneswar
  • P.G. Dip. In Marketing Management from IGNOU
  • Dip. in Export Management from Indian Institute of Export Management (IIEM), Bangalore, India
  • Designated nodal person for Climate Change portfolio under DFID assisted WORLP
  • Guest lecturer to Xavier School of Rural Management and Utkal University – for PG Dip students
  • Published several articles and blogs on current COVID19, in-migration and Nutrition nexus



  • Life member with Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationists, CSWCRTI, Dehradun, India
  • Membership with Asia Population Association (APA), Thailand
  • Membership with Common Ground Scholar, USA
  • ORCID id: 0000-0001-9166-1223

This member contributed to:

    • Inputs to ToC:

      Under Barriers to Sustainable, regenerative nature positive FS- Impacts: ever increasing competition for land use for agriculture versus non-agriculture use (wining over the formers) with fragmentation and shrinkage is one more result in a populous country like India......need inclusion in the ToC.

      BARRIERS TO NATURE POSITIVE FOOD SYSTEMS TRANSFORMATIONMore frequent extreme weather events (agricultural drought, tropical cyclones, heat wave and Nor Westers (evening thunderstorms in pre-monsoon), etc. are contributing disturbances in efforts to promote nature positive farming

      Long term outcome could include: Policy and regulations enactment is the need of the hour, that could ensure convergence and synergetic approach among mainstream development agencies among within government departments and among CSOs. At present the biggest flaw in the business as usual is all these departments and development players are working in silos fixed headed with individual mandates.