Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

This member contributed to:

    • Price Volatility and Social Protection for Food Security & Nutrition

      -Countries to introduce more effective measures to prevent oligopolies

      -Public subsidies to be transparent and encourage sustainable agriculture

      -International regulation to punish human rights violations by corporations

      -Food sovereignty to be supported

      -The influence of corporations on politics and administration to be reduced

      -Responsible companies as part of the solution

    • -For a more resilient and sustainable food system, the main goal is decarbonizing the food value chain, defining how farmers reducing greenhouse gas emissions and involving companies throughout the food value chain.                      -Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture through digitally enabled precision application and new innovative crop protection products with more favorable environmental profiles.                                                                            --Regulatory frameworks and policy initiatives to promote and incentivize innovative sustainable packaging to offer maximum functionality with the best possible product protection, avoiding health and safety risks, cause minimal ecological impact, and be as circular as possible.




    • *Growing urbanization make an attractive environment for pests such as termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies and bed bugs. Effective and innovative products along with leading expertise and equipment enable a better protection of food.

      *Urban farms provide fresh food in areas where nutritious options are often scarce, while improving the environment and food security in those neighborhoods.

      *Peri-urban environments are the agricultural frontier where young farmers can help others adjust to changes and new technology.

      *Rural transformation by engaging the consumer as a critical part of modern agriculture.

      • Innovations in seeds and traits, seed treatment, biological and chemical crop protection, and digital farming solutions for important crops worldwide
      • Improvements for climate resilience, biodiversity preservation, precision applications and reduced CO2 emissions
      • Empowering small-scale producers
      • Promoting good agricultural practices through demonstration plots
      • Fostering youth leadership
    • Immediate actions:

      1. Support harvesting in the war zone and avoid any measures that would disrupt global food trade and negatively affect global food security. 
      2. Separate essential from non-essential goods. We need to balance the need for strong economic sanctions and the need to maintain recent levels of food production to avoid a catastrophe. I believe both is possible. 
      3. Collaborate at scale. We need to urge all relevant parties to protect food and food-related goods as essential and support their supply, especially to import-dependent countries. This is a call on countries to release their grain stocks on the market and support the hunger relief efforts of the World Food Program. 
      4. Governments and companies need to ensure that smallholder farmers and subsistence farmers receive full support to increase their agricultural output.
      5. And finally, fighting food shortages include fighting climate change. Agriculture has a major role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts, promoting biodiversity and enhancing resilience in food systems. Now is the time to prevent hunger crises through increasing sustainable productivity. Our first farmer-centric, science-based, digitally enabled collaborative Global Carbon Initiative, incentivizes the adoption of climate-smart farming practices.
    • Mission Statement: To work towards increasing equality and visibility for all genders and orientations within FMC in support of an inclusive and evolving work environment.

      We want to support the goal of gender equality being an integral part of FMC’s recruitment process. We believe this is an important area of diversity and there is a need to create space for all employees and to communicate to the outside community that FMC, and STEM in general is such an environment.

      Inclusive language: Reflect the realities of work/life balances, different family structures and needs people have.


      We want to find ways to reach employees who are not engaged on the company’s journey towards gender equality (50/50 by 2027).

      We want to highlight the positive experiences of females in departments that are mostly occupied by men.

      We want to work on a peer to peer level to promote the value of D&I to reach the sites across EMEA.

      We want to promote a rotation program for female employees that could be interested in male dominated fields.

      We want to challenge management to look at newer talent that has not had an opportunity to have directly relevant experience and look into a viable internship program for this purpose.

      We want to do outreach to students to promote careers in FMC. Could be done by means of a temporary training agreement (trainee program). For operations this could be a group of female candidates to support their development in a welcoming environment. When we hire temporary operators for the high season we should have focus on the diversity.

      We want to put the right image of working at a plant out to the possible female candidates (video?)

      We wish to support the realities of work/life balance

      We want to support the agenda of WIN and SPECTRUM (global Groups).

      We will use the EMEA D&I website to share materials and insights developed by our group.

      Inclusive Work environment.


    • Dear Sirs,

      My input about the Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention is as follows:

      • Consideration of the ethics and principles to minimize the market speculation and the equality of the product distribution.
      • Legislation regulating the fair price competition and alternative waste recycling (animal feed, industrial transformation).

      Just at your disposal for further participation.

      Kind regards,

      Germán Franco Díaz