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Mr. Noah Zimba

Organization: Climate Change Alliance
Country: Zambia
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Policy issues on climate change adaptation and mitigation with special attention to local communities in Zambia and beyond

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    • Soils as a living resource requires matching feeding attention in order for it to maintain its productive capacities for the good of humankind and ecosystem.

      There is no doubt that most of production systems are devoid of encouraging nutritional lifeline of the soil hence causing increasing impairment of its productive capacity. Subsequently there is growing expansion in search of new sites as existing ones become degraded. No wonder both food and nutritional security is at risk with the most vulnerable constituency being women facing the burden of survival.

    • The main factors that have impacted negatively on development in Zambia can be associated with multiple facets ranging from policy failure to poor allocation of resources to areas that have impacted on delivery of the well intended areas of actions. Important to reflect on include among others:

      a. Failure in restructuring policies that impeded and destroyed the production and value addition infrastructure across the country. The policy decision to privatize most enterprise compounded rapid scale down in delivering government services and exposed industrial base as well as institutional memory to rapid deterioration.

      b. The transition from socialist policies to capitalist approach lacked safeguards and systematic progression that led loss of institutional and technological knowledge including skills necessary to provide productive and strategic input in key institutions.

      c. lack of financial discipline exposed key institutions necessary for growth to reduced liquidity compounded by declining motivation to provide important services such as extension support and oversight.