Global Soil Partnership

Presentations | 6th meeting of GLOSOLAN

Item 1: Report of the work performed by GLOSOLAN in 2021-2022 Ms. Miriam Ostinelli, GLOSOLAN Chair

Item 2: 2021-2022 report of the GLOSOLAN Initiative on Soil Spectroscopy (GLOSOLAN-Spec) Ms. Magdalene Vlasimsky, GSP Secretariat, GLOSOLAN-Spec coordinator, FAO

Item 3: 2021-2022 report of the International Network on Fertilizer Analysis (INFA) Dr Wesley Karl Feldmann, INFA Chair

Item 4: Regional priorities and needs, and presentation of progresses on the establishment of NASOLANs

Item 5:  GLOSOLAN Proficiency test Mr. Christian Hartmann, IRD France

Item 6: GLOSOLAN sub working groups (10’ each max)

Item 7: Invited talks followed by open discussion

Item 8: Decision on the SOPs to harmonize in 2021-2022

  • Recap on the SOPs harmonized and under preparation
  • Open discussion

Ms. Lucrezia Caon, GLOSOLAN Coordinator, FAO

Item 9: Capacity building

  • Video training recording: guidelines and work plan
  • Upcoming webinars:
    • calibration
    • how to participate to a PT

Mr. Filippo Benedetti, Alternate GLOSOLAN Coordinator, FAO

Item 10: Strengthening National Reference Laboratories

  • NRL survey outcomes - focus on the interaction with the government
  • Proposal from the regions:
    • Monitoring schemes
    • Election of NRL vs direct appointment by GSP Focal Points
    • Preparation of brochures (for both laboratories and governments)
  • Establishment of a database reporting laboratories available to host peers for capacity development

Moderator: Ms. Lucrezia Caon, GLOSOLAN Coordinator, FAO

Item 11: NASOLAN: successful stories and support opportunities

  • Database updates
  • A special case from the Caribbean (CARSOLAN)

Moderator: Magdalene Vlasimsky, GSP Secretariat, FAO

Item 12: Collaboration between GLOSOLAN and the International Network on Soil Information Institutions (INSII) : addressing data quality in maps production

  • Presentation of NRL survey outcomes
  • Open discussion

Mr. FIlippo Benedetti, GLOSOLAN Alternate, Mr. Marcos Angelini and Mr. Moritz Mainka, GSP Secretariat, FAO

Item 13: Progresses, needs and way forward

  • Updates on the review of the FAO Soils Bulletin 74 – “Guidelines for Quality Management in Soil and Plant Laboratories” - (
  • Preparation of guidelines for the development of transfer functions within soil laboratories
  • Development of transfer functions between GLOSOLAN SOPs
    • Needs and opportunities
    • Introduction to RECSOIL by Ms. Natalia Rodriguez, GSP Secretariat, FAO

Ms. Lucrezia Caon, GLOSOLAN Coordinator, FAO