Building Forward Better

Niger's participation in the Initiative

E-learning nuggets

The first e-learning phase included e-learning nuggets, i.e. short online training designed to introduce a topic and provide examples and best practices through the presentation of case studies.
A total of 72 trainees from Niger participated to the 10 e-nuggets. An overview of their professional background is provided in the graph on the right.

Online administered courses

The second e-learning phase consisted in online administered courses, i.e. full-day training, along 2-3 days, offering live presentations, group activities, personal assignments, tutorials of tools’ application and showcasing video materials and interviews. A total of 118 trainees from Niger participated to the 7 online administered courses.


Pre- and post-training assessments

Throughtout the e-learning training, pre- and post-training assessments have been regularly administered to understand the expectations of the trainees on the upcoming training events, and to receive their feedback on the training activities, the relevance of the topics to their own job, the easiness or difficulty of the topics discussed and any technical problem they might have encountered. The graphs below present the answers to selected questions from the final survey administered at the end of phase II.