Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change
©FAO/Sumy Sadurni

The Agriculture Rehabilitation and Recovery Support Project (ARRSP)

The ARRSP in Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC) aims at increasing agricultural productivity and improving marketing of crops and animal products by smallholder farmers in targeted areas. The primary beneficiaries of the project are 105,000 households of smallholder farmers in the targeted areas of northern Equateur Province and Pool Malebo. The secondary beneficiaries includes (i) service providers active in project areas; (ii) non-governmental organizations (NGOs), small businesses, and transporters, e.g. producers who might obtain improved seed from project participants, and; (iii) consumers.

The project, for a total cost of US$130 million, includes three components:
- The first focuses on the farm level to raise productivity and give community groups access to basic technology for small-scale processing and storage.
- The second addresses marketing infrastructure.
- The third enhances the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Rural Development to implement the project, provide needed services, and prepare the way for revitalizing core sector functions as well as for the agro-industry.

The carbon balance appraisal mainly concentrates upon the first two components that should have direct impact on climate change mitigation.


Main output yy


Project scenario

Simulated scenario

Total carbon balance

-17 Mt eq-CO2

-41 Mt eq-CO2

Carbon balance/ha

-105.5 t eq-CO2

-39.4 t eq-CO2

Carbon balance/year

-5.3 t eq-CO2

-2.4 t eq-CO2