Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change
©FAO/Sonia Nguyen

Community programme of action - resilience to climate change (PACRC)

The main goal of this programme is to enhance the adaptation capacities of rural communities towards climate changes. The better resilience of the agro-ecosystem should increase the food security and the livelihoods of the Sahelo Saharan population. Such goal would be achieved through the adoption of Sustainable Land and Water Management (SLWM) practices, and the restoration of degraded lands.

Through a participatory approach of the communities, it is estimated that 6.3 million ha of agricultural and forested lands would be concerned by the project. Assumptions and estimations about the adoption rate of SLWM practices have been discussed with Nigerian experts; the calculations done with EX-ACT lead to a mitigation potential of 93 million t CO2-eq during 20 years. This first estimation could change depending on the real adoption rate of better agronomic and management practices.

Nonetheless, such analysis highlights the synergies between adaptation and mitigation options, and how one type of action could be beneficial both for farmers and the climate.


Main outputs


PACRC project

Total carbon balance

-93 Mt eq-CO2

Carbon balance/ha

-14.6 t eq-CO2

Carbon balance/ha/year

-0.7 t eq-CO2