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Female climate negotiators take FAO crash course in bioeconomy


COP 27 participants tune into webinar linking bioeconomy to climate action in agriculture

Just in time for COP 27, the upcoming global climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt), FAO held a specialized bioeconomy webinar on 31 October for female negotiators on the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA), which recognizes the unique potential of agriculture in tackling climate change. In an interactive format, the participants, who came from around a dozen countries – including Brazil, Fiji, Jamaica, Kiribati, Palua, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Uganda, Zambia, and Zanzibar – learned about the sustainable and circular bioeconomy and how it can contribute to the global climate agenda.

Speakers from Namibia, Uganda, and Zanzibar presented their initiatives and agri-businesses, showcasing how the bioeconomy is an opportunity for women to improve their livelihoods, how it helps in adapting to climate change, and how it can have an impact on ecosystem restoration. Sounds good, no?

Tasila Banda, from Zanzibar, said about the webinar: “The examples of bioeconomy that were presented make a lot of sense to the type of work we do in agriculture with smallholder farmers and are also relevant and applicable to the negotiations we are part of under the KJWA”.

Julie Matsovu, from Uganda, added: “When we discuss bioeconomy we have to discuss issues of leadership, where is women's role? How do we penetrate all of these discussion tables so that we influence policy and the decisions that are taken in all these circles where we want to be, so that they impact us in a positive way?”

The webinar was proposed by FAO’s FMM149 project on “Scaling up implementation of the Enhanced Lima Work Programme on Gender and its Gender Action Plan (Enhanced GAP) in Agriculture and the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)”. It was co-organized and moderated by FAO’s Sustainable and Circular Bioeconomy team, in the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment.

If you want to learn more about how sustainable and circular bioeconomy can support climate goals check out our aspirational principles or inspiring case studies from bioeconomy businesses all over the world.

Coming soon - A new FAO publication on sustainable and circular bioeconomy in the climate agenda!

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