Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform

Social cohesion


We promote investments that create hunger-free and socially cohesive territories with institutions and actors that encourage the inclusion of poor sectors and groups particularly affected by inequality (women, youth, indigenous communities, and migrants).


Following is a series of methodologies, tools and programs to strengthen the social capital of territories, the viability of which is further reinforced by the coherence and coordination with the priorities established in rural and territorial development plans.

  • Conditional or co-responsibility transfer programs, to put an end to the intergenerational transmission of poverty.
  • Food supply programs, to promote: connections between public food purchasing and family farming; national supply companies and wholesale markets; cooperation and exchange between countries with supply strategies; national systems linked with logistics and sanitation best practices in food processing.
  • Agreements for territorial equality, based on the participation of social actors (mainly NGOs, community leaders, women’s groups), businesses and government organizations in forming strategic proposals and mobilizing resources.
  • Territorial Agreements (TAs), to foster: a shared vision of the social, economic and territorial model from the perspective of democratic participation; a reduction in the social gap and the generation of a sense of belonging to the territory and the community; and the participation of the various levels of government, the private sector and other actors in the implementation of solutions to exclusion and poverty (C. Tassara and L. Grando).




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