International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

The Multilateral System

Compile your SMTA and Report

Easy-SMTA is an online system created by the Secretariat to assist users in preparing the SMTA in six languages.  It also helps the SMTA Providers with their reporting obligations.  The use of the tool is voluntary and free of charge.

To generate a new SMTA, the user must:

  1. Identify the Recipient: individual or organization receiving the material
  2. Select the SMTA attributes: select the language and one of the three methods of acceptance
  3. Provide the associated information of the Material object of the transfer
  4. List the materials

Afterwards, the user can review the document on-screen, print it, or send it online to the recipient for acceptance through the system.

The tool also allows the Provider to later select one or more SMTAs with just a few clicks, and report it to the Governing Body. The Secretariat has developed a manual that explains the process step by step.

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