International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

The Multilateral System

Report on the implementation of the MLS and on the Availability of Material in the Multilateral System

The Governing Body authorized the use of the data contained in the Data Store of Easy-SMTA for the elaboration of statistics in 2011, and since then, the production of aggregated statistical data and reports has been considered an asset to support the decision-making process.

At each Session, the Secretary prepares a report on germplasm flow in the Multilateral System. The report provides information at regional and crop levels on the conclusion of SMTAs and on the transfer of material, and highlights trends on the transfer of Material Under Development and the transfer of Non-Annex 1 Material.  It also distinguishes between the transfers made by Article 15 Institutions and the other providers of the Multilateral system, offering distribution maps, charts and other resources.

The last report

The analysis and the graphical representation of the data accumulated in the Data Store has shown a positive trend in use of the material from the Multilateral System. It is to be noted that there was a significant increase in the period from 2015 to 2017, when a helpdesk to support users with the reporting tasks was established. The figure below has been elaborated, taking into account the average number of SMTAs reported each year. Some providers of materials have already set up tools or practices that facilitate the semi-automatic reporting to the Data Store


Report on the Implementation and Operations of the Multilateral System:

-MLS report 2019 (IT/GB-8/19/8.1 Rev.1)

-MLS report 2017 (IT/GB-7/17/09)

-MLS report 2015 (IT/GB-6/15/8)

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