Техническая платформа по измерению и сокращению продовольственных потерь и пищевых отходов

Food waste
Данный раздел содержит информацию о сокращении и измерении объемов порчи пищевой продукции, а также о стратегиях, мерах, программах и инициативах в данной сфере.

Food waste

Food waste refers to the decrease in the quantity or quality of food resulting from decisions and actions by retailers, food service providers and consumers (SOFA, 2019).

Less food loss and waste would lead to more efficient land use and better management of water resources, which would positively impact climate change and livelihoods.

Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

CFS called on all public, private and civil society actors to create an enabling environment based on the hierarchy of “food use-not-loss-or-waste especially for monitoring and measurement targets.

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

IFPRI conducts research to provide innovative, evidence-based policy solutions to enhance food security and fight poverty. One of its cutting-edge studies is the measuring of food loss and waste at all stages -- from production and post-production to processing, distribution and consumption -- in order to identify the origin and cost of food waste and loss at the local, regional and global level. IFPRI is currently working with the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets (PIM) to better understand the levels of investment required to effectively reduce post-harvest losses through infrastructure development and technology improvements combined with best practices.