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Get ready for the Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation with a selection of FAO publications.

Ahead of this critical conference, we have put together a selection of FAO publications that showcase the Organization’s core work on tackling climate change.


At the mid-point of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, there is an urgent need to understand where the world stands in eliminating hunger and food insecurity, as well as in ensuring sustainable agriculture. The new report of the Food and Agriculture Organizat...

Learn more about sustainable agriculture mechanization through this selection of FAO publications.
On this Sustainable Gastronomy Day (18 June), treat yourself to a healthy portion of fish − and fish culture!
World Food Safety Day 2023 is an opportunity to brush up your knowledge on the topic with a selection of FAO publications.
This year, we will celebrate the diversity of bees and look at the ways we keep them.
Healthy plants constitute the foundation for all life on Earth, as well as ecosystem functions, food security and nutrition.

The updates are available in Chinese, English and French.


Water is fundamental – and a right. But its provision may be slowing down to a trickle. Decades of increased freshwater withdrawal, overextraction of groundwater, poor management, and misuse and contamination of freshwater ecosystems have intensified water stress and degraded water-relate...


From fisheries and aquaculture, where women make up half of the workforce, but are disproportionately engaged in the least stable and lowest paid jobs; to land agriculture, where women will often work the fields, but not own them; to a persistent blindness to the specific nutritional needs of ...

 Find out more about the nutritional benefits of pulses
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Human Rights Day 2022 marks the one-year countdown to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.