FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation

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The FAO Liaison Offices have been established at locations where many UN system organizations and other international, intergovernmental, or non-governmental associations or organizations are working. They maintain relations with Members and external development partners operating in these locations and monitor developments affecting food, nutrition, and agriculture and represent the Organization at meetings relevant to FAO’s mandate.

The FAO Liaison Office in Moscow is one of six FAO Liaison Offices (other FAO Liaison offices located in Washington D.C., New York, Brussels, Geneva, and Yokohama) and one of over 130 FAO offices worldwide.

FAO in Moscow advises and assists in the development and implementation of FAO policies and programmes by facilitating communication and cooperation between FAO and the Government of the Russian Federation and the public, as well as between FAO and international organizations based in the Russian Federation.

The FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation also strengthens cooperation between FAO and the Russian academia and research institutes, and private sector in support of agriculture and food security.

FAO priorities in the Russian Federation
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