FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation

Private sector engagement

FAO recognizes the private sector as a key ally in the fight against hunger, which requires the combined efforts of all stakeholders to eradicate it. The goal of FAO's engagement with business is to forge more intensive and multi-dimensional partnerships to transform food and agriculture systems.

The private sector is a strategic development ally for FAO, with innovative tools, resources, knowledge and technologies that are critical to strengthening the Organization's results on the ground. To enhance such efforts, the participation of a wide range of private sector actors will be critical, from smallholders and family farmers, forest workers, livestock farmers and fishermen, to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry unions and associations, financial institutions, and other actors.

FAO envisions its engagement with the private sector to forge strategic partnerships, scale up multi-stakeholder efforts and implement innovative solutions that will be owned and led by participants to help FAO member countries achieve the SDGs and ultimately ensure maximum value for beneficiaries.


Igor Shpakov
National Private Sector Partnerships Consultant 
FAO Liaison Office for the Russian Federation

[email protected]

Tel: +7 495 787 21 99


This strategy specifically targets the different types of the private sector from large national and multinational corporations, to financial institutions, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), industry and trade organizations and consortia which represent private sector interests, farmers and farmers’ organizations, producers’ organizations and cooperatives and philanthropic foundations.

FAO Liaison Office in Moscow cooperation with the private sector in Russia

Fertilizer company "PHOSAGRO"

PhosAgro company which is a donor of several FAO's projects, including Global Soil Partnerships and Soils Doctors Programmes, is also actively collaborating with the Office to promote its events and activities in the Russian Federation. As part of the International Year of Millet 2023, PhosAgro company financed an experiment on the technology of mineral nutrition of millet on the experimental field of the Kursk Federal Agrarian Research Centre

Food retail chain “Magnit”

In collaboration with the federal retailer Magnit, to highlight the International Year of Millet 2023, an article was prepared on the importance of this agricultural crop in the people's diet, which was published in the October 2023 issue of the magazine "My Magnit".

PRO ZERNO analytical company

The company is the organiser of conferences dedicated to the formation of development strategies for enterprises in the Russian grain industry, making effective management decisions and exchanging current market information. Representatives of the FAO Moscow Office are regularly invited to speak at these events: the Baltic Grain Assembly (St. Petersburg) and the Mountain Grain Assembly (Rosa Khutor, Krasnodar Territory).

Eurasian Aquaculture Alliance

During 2023, as part of interaction with the Eurasian Aquaculture Alliance, representatives of the FAO Moscow Office, at the invitation of this organization, took part as speakers in the following events: the conference “Eurasian aquaculture and new opportunities for investment in the fishery complex” as part of the AGROS 2023 exhibition; plenary session “Aquaculture as a successful business: applied issues and development prospects” as part of the business programme of the AquaPro Expo fishing industry exhibition; scientific and practical conference “Eurasian aquaculture: modern trends and new food products”.


The company organized the International Conference “Digitalization – a modern trend in ensuring the efficiency of fish farms” on the Aquadigital platform, at which the consultant of the FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation, Igor Shpakov, gave a detailed report on the role of aquaculture for global food security.