Statistics Country Profile Tool

The Statistics Country Profile Tool provides access to a curated selection of charts and data tables at the national level coming from different thematic domains. Each module allows users to select the country, navigate the various dashboards, see data information by hovering on the charts or tables.
Food security and nutrition

This module brings together series from the suite of food security indicators organized by the four dimensions of food security defined in the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report: availability, access, utilization and stability. Indicators on nutritional outcomes compiled by FAO partner agencies are also provided, as well as information on the food supply composition.

Basic statistics of agriculture

This module combines data from various FAOSTAT domains to provide a comprehensive picture of agriculture in each country, looking at essential information on the production and trade of crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry products, as well as on the economic, environmental and social aspects. The module is a complement to the World Food and Agriculture Statistical Yearbook

SDG indicators

This module comprises all 21 Sustainable Development Goals indicators under FAO custodianship and assesses both the distance to the target and the trend from the baseline year. For each indicator, the country values are compared to the global, regional and subregional ones. The module visualizes the FAOSTAT SDG indicators data domain and complements other visualizations at the indicator level available on the SDG Indicators Data Portal.

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