Statistics Division (ESS)

Statistics Division (ESS)

In contributing to a world free form hunger, the FAO Statistics Division serves as the foremost authoritative source of reliable data on hunger, food and agriculture, as well as of standards and methods for agricultural statistics.

Areas of Work

Generates global food security statistics. Develops new methods to generate food security and nutrition statistics and promotes the adoption of internationally agreed ones. Provides technical and capacity development support to member countries.

Contact: Mr. Carlo Cafiero

Provides validated global food and agricultural data covering crops and livestock production and yields, trade at bilateral detail, and food balances including components such as stocks and losses.

Contact: Mr. Piero Conforti (a.i.)

Provides support to countries for strengthening their agricultural survey system with the aim of producing and disseminating sound and comprehensive statistics on a regular bases to allow evidence based policy making.

Contact: Mr. Christophe Duhamel

Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (GSARS). Foster the sustainability of national agricultural statistical systems through strategic planning, adoption of cost-effective methodologies and capacity development.

Contact: Ms. Neli Georgieva

Economic and social statistics

Collects and disseminates statistics related to agricultural investments, prices, public expenditure; aid flows to agriculture; sectoral macro indicators. Produces and disseminates indicators of rural livelihoods. Works on methodologies and data on damage and loss from extreme events in agriculture. Houses focal points for SDG indicators 2.a.1, 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 5.a.1.

Contact: Ms. Verónica Boero

Produces and disseminates essential global food and agricultural data and methods covering the domains of: fertilizers, pesticides, land use and land cover, climate change statistics and agri-environmental indicators.

Contact: Mr. Francesco Tubiello

Manages the World Programme for the Census of Agriculture and provides standards guidelines on methods, concepts and definitions as well as technical assistance and capacity building on census planning and implementation.

Contact: Mr. Jairo Castano

Improves the quality of FAO’s statistics through the development of improved methods and processes and the implementation of statistical standards within the corporate Statistical Working System.

Contact: Ms. Carola Fabi

  • Produce updated statistics on food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture and rural development at national and international levels;
  • Develop and promote international food and agricultural statistical standards, as well as methods and tools for collecting, analyzing and disseminating data;
  • Work directly with countries to develop national statistical strategies, strengthen institutional and technical capacities and improve statistical systems.

Mr. José Rosero Moncayo
Director, Statistics Division (ESS)

Mr. Piero Conforti
Deputy Director, Statistics Division (ESS)