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2019 Update: Nitrogen Inputs to Agricultural Soils from Livestock Manure, 1961-2017

Rome, 3 May 2019 - FAO releases today the 2019 update of the FAOSTAT Livestock Manure statistics. The FAO data facilitate analysis on the availability, distribution, use and loss to the environment of livestock manure, with regional and global trends, 1961-2017. The FAOSTAT data are analytical estimates, meant to provide a first starting point in support of analyses at national, regional and global level.  [more]

NEW FAOSTAT 2019 Livestock Patterns Data Released

Rome, 24 April 2019 - FAO releases today the 2019 FAOSTAT Livestock Patterns data. The agri-environmental indicators in this domain offer insight into the relationships between livestock and the environment in terms of pressure and trends over time. For the period 1961-2017,  animal stocks are computed in livestock units (LSU), a normalized form which allows for comparisons across different livestock species. [more]

NEW FAOSTAT 2019 Temperature Change Data Released

Rome, 18 March 2019 - FAO releases today  the 2018 FAOSTAT Temperature Change data, developed jointly with NASA, showing that the global mean temperature change over land in 2018 was 1.19 ˚C (degrees Celsius), the fourth warmest on record. But for several countries, including FAO host nation Italy, 2018 was in fact the warmest year on record, with annual temperature 1.59 ˚C warmer than normal. Increases in air temperature associated with climate change threaten plant growth and yield, putting millions of farmers and communities at risk throughout the world, threatening countries’ food security, their ability to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development. [more]




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Agri-environmental Statistics