Global strategy to improve agricultural and rural statistics

The initiative to develop the global strategy came as a response to the declining quantity and quality of agricultural statistics. The global strategy will also address the emerging data requirements posed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly on biofuels, global warming, the environment and food security.

Policy makers at the national and international level and those developing investment strategies to enhance economic development face many challenges with the changing face of agriculture in the 21st century. While agriculture is the primary source to feed, clothe, and provide materials for fuel and housing for a growing world population, the challenge is at the same time to lift millions of people out of poverty and hunger, reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment and global warming, and sustain water and land resources. These are issues that go beyond national boundaries.

The purpose of the global strategy is to provide the vision for national and international statistical systems to produce the basic data and information to guide the decision making required for the 21st century. The global strategy is based on a thorough assessment of data user needs and what is currently available.

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