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Capacity development in statistics

One of the key missions of FAO statistics is to support member countries develop the capacity of statistical systems to enable them to produce reliable and timely data. Capacity development in statistics is provided through different types of assistance to countries and in various thematic areas. 

Global strategy to improve agricultural and rural statistics

The purpose of the global strategy is to provide a framework for national and international statistical systems that enables them to produce the basic data and information to guide the decision making required for the 21st century. » read more

Assessment of countries’ agricultural statistics systems

Information is collected on the state of agriculture statistics systems of member countries of the in order to assess and monitor countries’ capacity in agricultural statistics and data quality.

- Country Assessment Framework and Standard Questionnaire (DQAF)
- Report on the State of Food and Agricultural Statistics in Africa
- Report on the State of Food and Agriculture in Asia
- CountrySTAT panorama reports

Strengthening technical capacity

Addressing the individual capacities, organizational constraints and the overall environment is aligned to the FAO Corporate Strategy on capacity development. Technical skills and knowledge of staff and national statistical institutions are strengthened through workshops, seminars and training.

Key areas of training include:  

- Food security statistics and basic data on production and trade
- World census of agriculture and integrated agricultural statistics systems
- Country data access and dissemination through CountrySTAT
- Wye City Group: Statistics on rural development and agriculture household income

Field projects

Countries are assisted to implement field projects at their request. FAO statistics provides technical assistance to countries to enable the development and improvement of national integrated systems of food and agricultural statistics as an integral part of national strategy of development statistics.

What is capacity development?

Capacity is defined as "the ability of people, organizations and society as a whole to manage their affairs successfully". Capacity development is the process of unleashing, strengthening and maintaining of such capacity.


Partnerships allow us to reach a broader audience and to work across the entire statistical system to provide support where needed.