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Better measurement of food insecurity in the context of enhancing nutrition


This article, published in a German nutrition magazine, focuses on the project Voices of the Hungry (VoH) which assists countries in accessing information on food insecurity as experienced by individuals. VoH implements a measure that allows direct measurement of people’s access to healthy, nutritious food.

Food security and nutrition in the context of the global nutrition transition


This paper presents the conceptual linkages between food security and nutrition and reviews data on the associations between experience-based measures of food insecurity and nutritional status outcomes in countries at different stages of the nutrition transition.

Introduction to item response theory applied to food security measurement
Basic Concepts, Parameters and Statistics


This paper presents basic concepts and mathematics underlying the Rasch model, commonly used to assess food security data.

The food insecurity experience scale
Development of a global standard for monitoring hunger worldwide


The FAO Voices of the Hungry project developed an experience-based food insecurity scale module called the Food Insecurity Experience scale (FIES). The FIES will be used as a common metric for measuring food insecurity at several levels of severity, across different geographic areas and cultures.


Country reports

Forthcoming country reports:

  • Angola (2013)
  • Ethiopia (2013)
  • Malawi (2013)
  • Niger (2013)

  • Burkina_Faso (2014)
  • Brazil (2014)
  • Cameroon (2014)
  • Ethiopia (2014)
  • Indonesia (2014)
  • Madagascar (2014)
  • Nepal (2014)
  • Nigeria (2014)
  • Pakistan (2014)
  • Senegal (2014)
  • Sierra_Leone (2014)
  • Russia (2014)