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FAO Statistical Yearbook 2010


This edition of the Statistical Yearbook covers seven thematic topics - resources, agricultural production, international trade, consumption, prices, distribution, and human welfare. All thematic tables cover the same countries, even if no item in a particular table is relevant for a particular country.

Global strategy to improve agricultural and rural statistics


The Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics presented in this document is based on input from a large number of stakeholders, including national statistical institutes and ministries of agriculture, and a number of regional and international organizations.

2000 World Census: Main Results and Metadata
Statistical Development Series 12


These reports serve as the basis for preparation of internationally comparable data and for methodological studies related to the conduct of an agricultural census. Statistics Division concurrently disseminates through its website the key data on structure of agriculture and related metadata obtained through the country census reports.

Selected Indicators of Food and Agricultural Development in the Asia-Pacific Region 1999-2009


This is the twenty-sixth issue which gives a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 1998-2008.

Monitoring hunger: Indicators at global and subnational levels
Food security working paper


This paper presents three different hunger indicators and outlines how they can be used to assess the extent of food insecurity in population groups globally and within countries at community, regional, or other subnational levels.  


Global Strategy brochure