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Integrating Food Security Information in National Statistical Systems
Experiences, Achievements, Challenges


This compilation presents eight countries’ experiences in deriving food security information at national and sub-national levels from national household surveys. Food consumption statistics derived from NHS and food availability estimates derived from FBS are discussed.

FAO Statistical Yearbook 2012
World Food and Agriculture


This publication is the foremost collection and reference point for statistical data on food and agriculture globally. It provides a snapshot of related economic, environmental and social trends and issues. There are four broad thematic categories: state of the agricultural resource base, hunger dimensions, feeding the world and sustainability. [...]

Safeguarding food security in volatile global markets


This four-part volume gathers together the latest thinking on the issues and controversies surrounding price volatility in global food markets. Drawing from theory, empiricism and heuristic evidence, the book contributes to the debate on the causes, consequences, and challenges of food price volatility.

Selected indicators of food and agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region 2000-2010


This is the twenty-seventh issue of the above publication, a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 2000-2010.

Improving statistics for food security, sustainable agriculture, and rural development: An Action Plan for Africa 2011-2015


This action plan was prepared jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA ), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the African Union Commission (AUC).