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Guidelines on the collection of structural acquaculture statistics: supplement to the Programme for the World Census of Agriculture 2000
FAO Statistical Development Series 5b


This supplement is intended to assist countries in improving their current surevys of acquaculture and to provide a framework for those countries planning to develop databases on acquaculture.

Conducting agricultural censuses and surveys
FAO Statistical Development Series 6


This publication is a revised and updated edition of 'Taking Agricultural Censuses', 1978, FAO. It is complementary to the Programme for the World Census of Agriculture 2000 and provides much practical information on the steps involved in actually conducting an agricultural census.

Multiple frame agricultural surveys. Volume 1. Current surveys based on area and list sampling methods
FAO statistical development series 7


Much of the required information for the agricultural sector, such as crop production, livestock inventories and basic social and economic data, is obtained through periodic national, multipurpose agricultural data collection programmes called current agricultural surveys.

the sixth world food survey


While the scope and content of the sixth World Food Survey are broadly similar to its processor, the publication incorporates certain new features. First, China and those countries formerly known as Asian centrally planned economies, which were previously excluded in the traditional estimates.

A system of economic accounts for food and agriculture
FAO Statistical Development Series 8


This revised handbook provides a broader framework to bring together various kinds of databases relating to food and agriculture in an integrated system. The concepts and accounting structure of the system are based on the revised System of National Accounts.