FAO Statistical Yearbook 2007 - 2008


The FAO Statistical Yearbook provides a selection of indicators on food and agriculture by country. The data are drawn from FAOSTAT, the Organization’s corporate statistical database, as well as several FAO divisions and other sources within the UN system. FAOSTAT is based on data submitted by member countries in response to standard questionnaires, supplemented by a review of national sources and estimates or imputations to cover critical gaps. It brings together data from different domains and sources, and provides time series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture.

The new series of the FAO Statistical Yearbook started in 2004 and it consolidates and replaces four previous FAO publications – the FAO Bulletin of Statistics and the FAO Production, Trade and Fertilizer Yearbooks. The Yearbook covers a wide spectrum of statistics and indicators belonging to several thematic topics. It serves as a reference guide to economists, policy-makers and analysts.

This volume of the Yearbook covers the same seven thematic topics - resources, agricultural production, international trade, consumption, prices, distribution, and human welfare. All topical tables cover the same countries, even if no item in a particular table is relevant for a particular country. World totals refer to all countries including those that are not shown.