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Methodology for Computing and Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators 2.3.1 and 2.3.2
FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 18-14


The purpose of this note is to inform on the statistical methodology for computing and monitoring target 2.3 and measure progress in SDG indicators 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 approved by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Food Loss Index Design, Data Collection Methods and Challenges
FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 18-13


This document describes the steps for calculating the Food Loss Index along with a method to aggregate data from subnational stages of the supply chain to the national level. Subnational disaggregation will identify where losses occur and the scope of impact, sets the focus on where to make investments and [...]

State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018


For the third year in a row, there has been a rise in world hunger. The absolute number of undernourished people, i.e. those facing chronic food deprivation, has increased to nearly 821 million in 2017, from around 804 million in 2016. These are levels from almost a decade ago.

World Programme of the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume 2: Operational Guidelines


This publication focuses on the operational aspects for conducting a census of agriculture. It deals with the practical details on the steps involved in actually conducting an agricultural census. Volume 2 is a revised and updated edition of “Conducting Agricultural Censuses and Surveys”, published by FAO in 1996.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2017


This report presents strategies that can leverage the potential of food systems to become the engine of inclusive economic development and rural prosperity in low-income countries. It analyses the structural and rural transformations now under way, and examines the opportunities and challenges they present to millions of small-scale food producers.

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