Capacity development - FBS

FAO statistics provides capacity development on a continuous (yearly) basis. The capacity development in each country depends on the Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) available for each individual country.

On-going projects:

EC/FAO Programme on information systems to improve food security decision-making in the European Neighbourhood Area (ENP) – East Area (GCP/GLO/275/EC-FAO)
Capacity development assistance is provided in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova under the GCP/GLO/275/EC Programme to improve the methodology used to compile Food Balance Sheet (FBS) in individual countries. In line with FAO methodology, it helps countries disseminate results and promote the use of FBS by the institutions responsible for formulating food security policies and programmes. The Programme has provided expertise to review FBS, trained staff from institutions using and producing FBS and carried out study tours to Hungary and Lithuania.

GTFS/RAF/465/ITA Strengthening capacity of selected member countries of the East African Community in agricultural statistics for food security: Kenya, Burundi and Uganda
The purpose and expected outcome of the project is to strengthen the capacity of EAC and its Member countries to produce “robust and regionally comparable agricultural statistical data in support of the integration process as a basis for measuring current and proposed future progress in the implementation of the ARDS”.  

The project will contribute to achieving the Results-Based Framework of FAO. Namely, the results of the FAO Governing Bodies decision to include statistics as an Impact Focus Area, regarding ''Information and statistics: Strengthening national, regional and global capacity to generate reliable information and statistics to improve national and global decision making in agriculture and (help) the fight against hunger'' in the process.

One of the expected outputs is the Food Security Indicator and Monitoring System (Supply Utilization Account and Food Balance Sheet, with food security indicators derived from Household surveys) which was developed in Burundi and Uganda. The activities will be carried out in 2013.

TCP/COL/3402 Technical Assistance to the Government of Colombia for the transfer of the methodology, as well as the estimation and measurement of the level of undernourishment indicator in the country
The main result will be that the governmental Institutions responsible for the production and use of National statistics regarding Nutritional and Food Security, will apply the new technical statistical capacities and instruments (GEIH, ENSIN and HBAN) to estimate, analyze and disseminate the undernourishment indicators for Colombia in the field of development of the policy of SAN and the measurement of effectiveness of the country within the scope of MDG1.

One of the products will be the updated National Food Balance Sheet (NFBS) and identified and localized groups of the population that are food insufficient. To be carried out in 2013.

TCP/BOL/3304 TCP facility for training in the use of FAO methodology for the preparation of the Supply and Utilization Accounts necessary for the calculation of the Food Balance Sheet and the training on food security statistics
One of the products was a workshop on FAO Methodology to calculate the Food Balance Sheet (FBS). It is expected the National Bureau of Statistics of Bolivia will generate the national FBS in 2013.