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New FAO Meat Price Index

The FAO Meat Price Index has been revised to better reflect the structure of world trade in meat products...

The FAO Meat Price Index - September 2016

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 163.5 points in September, essentially unchanged from August. Since January, when it hit a five-year low, the Index has risen by 12.6 percent. The largest increase for the year so far has been recorded for pigmeat, followed by ovine and poultry meat, while bovine meat experienced only a limited rise. Firm international demand, in particular from Asia, underpinned pigmeat and poultry meat prices, while reduced international supplies reinforced those of ovine meat. Meanwhile, a recovery in bovine meat production in the United States has reduced the need for imports, contributing to a restrained international price rise for this commodity.

* Unlike for other commodity groups, most prices utilised in the calculation of the FAO Meat Price Index are not available when the FAO Food Price Index is computed and published; therefore, the value of the Meat Price Index for the most recent months is derived from a mixture of projected and observed prices. This can, at times, require significant revisions in the final value of the FAO Meat Price Index.

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