Contents of healthy soils
27 October 2015--- In this segment produced by Radio Pard Vaanoli, Mr. M.Balasubramaniyan, also known as PAMAYAN, a column writer in many vernacular newspapers in India, explains what is a healthy soil and how it can be identified. He is also giving tips to the listeners on how to make the soil healthy in a natural way. For Mr. M.Balasubramaniyan, farming activities have to be based on three basic factors : physical structure of the soil, chemical content of the soil, biological content of the soil.

Radio Pard Vaanoli, India (Tamil).
10min. 39sec.
Tema(s): Agricultura y cultivos, Desarrollo rural o agrícola, Medio ambiente / Recursos naturales , Producción alimentaria y reservas, Seguridad alimentaria
Realizador: AMARC-FAO
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