07 Feb 2020
Funding is a timely boost to FAO’s work with governments to combat the destructive pest
The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF)
04 Feb 2020
FAO and France Partnership
Rome - A strategic dialogue between France and FAO will take place from the 5th to6th of February 2020. The high-level meeting will take place at FAO’s headquarters in Rome, and will focus on the collaboration between FAO and, for France: the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Agriculture and Food (MAA), as well as the French research institutions INRAE, CIRAD, AGREENIUM and IRD.  The two days of dialogue - one dedicated to the research institutes and the second to the...
03 Feb 2020
FAO and Japan’s Fourth Annual Strategic Consultation focuses on mutual support, private sector engagement, and cutting-edge solutions
31 Jan 2020
Rome - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Roma Tre University showcased findings from a joint study on producer organizations, highlighting strategies that can be used to ensure the inclusion of poor family farmers in cooperatives and producer organizations (POs). The study, which ran from 2018-2019, contributes both to FAO Strategic Objective 3 – Reduce rural poverty, and Pillar 4 of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming, Strengthen family farmers’ organizations and capacities to generate knowledge, represent farmers and provide inclusive services in the urban-rural continuum. Masters students from Roma Tre undertook fieldwork...
28 Jan 2020
A pilot project implemented by Kyoto University (KU) in 2019, aimed at raising awareness on food waste in canteens on the campus, and enhancing the knowledge and engagement of students in reducing food loss and waste, determined that approximately 20 per cent of food is wasted in canteens on campus. Research findings under the pilot highlighted that the most wasted foods on the campus include side vegetables, rice and noodles, and parts of fish.