Resource Partners
21 Dec 2015
Supports ongoing and future work on food security, climate adaptation, forests
21 December 2015, Rome - The Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DfID) and FAO are strengthening their partnership with a new agreement that will benefit future collaborations on a multitude of fronts.  "FAO and DFID share a vision for a world where communities are food secure, their productive assets are protected and the world's natural resources are managed sustainably," FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, said today.  "Thanks to the UK's ongoing support to many areas of FAO's work, we have been able to build toward that vision together and will now be able to do so more strategically...
Private Sector
01 Dec 2015
Partnership enhances ability to assess changing forest and to estimate greenhouse gas emissions
Google Maps and FAO have agreed to work closely together to make geospatial tracking and mapping products more accessible, providing a high-technology assist to countries tackling climate change and much greater capacity to experts developing forest and land-use policies. Digital technology tapping into satellite imagery is revolutionizing the way countries can assess, monitor and plan the use of their natural resources, including monitoring deforestation and desertification. "For FAO, this is not just a partnership. This is a strategic alliance," said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, noting it combines FAO's global effort to combat climate change with Google's commitment to help on the...
27 Nov 2015
La Segunda Conferencia para Sembrar Nutrición y Cosechar Salud organizada por la Organización Mundial de Agricultores (OMA) se celebró en la sede central de la FAO
27 noviembre 2015, Roma. La Segunda Conferencia “Sembrar nutrición, cosechar salud", organizada por la Organización Mundial de Agricultores (OMA), tuvo lugar ayer en la sede central de la FAO. El tema central de la conferencia fue el rol de los agricultores para asegurar una mejor nutrición y la importancia de la educación en nutrición para jóvenes y futuras generaciones. El rol de los agricultores en la nutrición “Los agricultores son los responsables/administradores de la biodiversidad. Su papel es crucial para proveer alimento al planeta. Sin embargo, muchas veces su rol es infravalorado”, dijo Marco...
Private Sector
21 Oct 2015
FAO Director-General and Rabobank Vice President discuss improving information for small-scale farmers
21 October 2015, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva and Rabobank Vice President Berry Marttin, met today for discussions that focused on the partnership between the UN agency and the financial institution aimed at helping small-scale farmers in East Africa. FAO and the Rabobank Foundation began their collaboration in 2013 and Marttin, describing it as a “great partnership” said “it was very important that when we started we...
Private Sector
20 Oct 2015
La alianza se centrará en mejorar los sistemas de trazabilidad
20 de octubre de 2015, Roma - La FAO y Mars Incorporated, uno de los mayores fabricantes mundiales de alimentos, trabajarán conjuntamente para mejorar la inocuidad y la calidad de los alimentos en toda la cadena alimentaria, especialmente en los países en desarrollo.