Parliamentary alliances
12 Mar 2020
Engaged and determined after the Brazzaville Forum, parliamentarians from the Central African Republic launch the country's own parliamentary alliance for food security and nutrition
Bangui Office of the Central African Republic Parliamentary Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: normative framework and action plan FAO, in collaboration with other United Nations agencies and the Network of Parliamentary Alliances for Food Security and Nutrition in Central Africa, organized a day of awareness-raising on food security and nutrition issues for parliamentarians in the Central African Republic. During the event, organized in accordance with the Declaration of Brazzaville, a national parliamentary alliance for food security and nutrition was created.  As guarantors of political and economic commitments, parliamentarians have a central role to play in a region where more than 44.6 million...
Resource Partners
12 Mar 2020
El proyecto beneficiará a 240 000 personas en comunidades rurales vulnerables y será ejecutado por el Ministerio de la Agricultura y la FAO
La Habana/Roma - La Junta del Fondo Verde para el Clima aprobó hoy un proyecto -co-diseñado por la FAO- de USD 119 millones de dólares para fortalecer la resiliencia al cambio climático de comunidades rurales vulnerables en Cuba.  El Fondo Verde para el Clima aportará USD 38,2 millones y el Gobierno de Cuba proveerá USD 81,7...
South-south Cooperation
02 Mar 2020
For many people around the world, cotton is a safety net. As a crop resistant to climatic changes, it can be planted in dry and arid zones and represents a real economic lifeline in rural areas where there are high levels of poverty. South-South and Triangular Cooperation is all about: sharing lessons across countries with similar challenges, learning what works for development and empowering each other in the process.
27 Feb 2020
Foto: ©FAO/Lekha Edirisinghe Un gusano cogollero en Sri Lanka. 27 de febrero de 2020, Roma - Existen herramientas disponibles para luchar contra el gusano cogollero del maíz, una especie invasora voraz que está causando estragos en los cultivos de África
Roma - Existen herramientas disponibles para luchar contra el gusano cogollero del maíz, una especie invasora voraz que está causando estragos en los cultivos de África, Asia y el Cercano Oriente, y resulta imperativo intensificar la coordinación para frenar la propagación de la plaga.  "Tendremos que reforzar la alianza entre los principales socios de todos los sectores relevantes a nivel mundial", declaró...
South-south Cooperation
25 Feb 2020
25 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Sharing and disseminating information amongst African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and subsequently between them and other developing countries of the Global South, is of central importance.  In order to share experiences of the progress made by the ACP Group and its partners in addressing the challenges in implementing the Agenda 2030 SDGs, a wide range of stakeholders, have gathered today in Brussels, including representatives of ACP Member States, Secretariat Experts, CPLP/PALOP, EU Parliament, European Commission and Council, Belgian Government, financial institutions, emerging economies’ countries, UN Agencies, private sector, civil society and academia. The one-day Symposium...