Social technologies in Brazil: A new partnership for FAO

On August 15th, the Director-General of FAO signed a partnership agreement with Fundação Banco do Brasil to join technical capacities and information exchange with program and project development in order to end hunger.

23/09/2013 - 


During his recent visit to Latin America, José Graziano da Silva signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fundação Banco do Brasil (FBB) . This new partnership utilizes both entities’ knowledge and skills, resulting in an innovative approach to end hunger.


Fundação Banco do Brasil has an approach to development that uses Tecnologias Sociais (Social Technologies) for development. They have certified 504 of them, all of which are readily available for use off of their website as a Banco de Tecnologias Sociais (BTS). These social technologies are being translated into other languages as well.  


The approach to the partnership will be as follows: FBB will mediate technical capacity building and information exchange related to the BST and FAO will support the development of programs and projects for the application of social technologies in different communities. Examples of social technologies in the BTS are a system which recovers food suitable for human consumption but that was not commercialized, as well as a special cistern which combines pisciculture and hydroponics.