The right to adequate food is realized when every man, woman and child, alone or in community with others, has the physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for its procurement.

– General Comment 12 (CESCR)

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South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food successfully concluded in Dhaka

Dhaka – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with Oxfam, concluded today the South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food, an event jointly organized which called for the participation of a multistakeholders platform with members from government, national Right to Food networks of civil society organizations and movements, academia and think tanks, Oxfam and FAO, from four countries in the region India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. FAO and Oxfam say it will promote an emerging right to food community of practice for improved food security in South Asia.

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Bolivia developed the National Programme on Complementary School Feeding 2015–2020 to implement food sovereignty and Living Well (Vivir Bien)

The new Law on School Feeding of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, adopted in December 2014, aims to ensure the human right to adequate food, to strengthen the development of local production and increase school attendance rates. The Law n. 622 represents a step forward in the development of food sovereignty and the Living Well (Vivir Bien).

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The South Asia Right to Food Conference ends with the elaboration of Dhaka Declaration

More than 2000 participants (from the governments, civil society, NGOs and International organizations) six countries from South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar and Bhutan) were gathered from May 30th till June 1st 2015 for the first South Asia right to food conference, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Did you know that 30 countries have an explicit recognition of
the right to adequate food in their national constitution?


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