El Salvador Country Component

In El Salvador, the project begun activities in 2012 and is working closely to the FAO Office in El Salvador. The El Salvador component of the project focuses mainly on capacity development of national stakeholders to allow them to better integrate the right to food in their work, and on advocacy, communication and information activities engaging civil society organizations.

The new Government of El Salvador includes in its priorities the development and implementation of a Policy on Food Security and Nutrition (Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional – SAN) through a Human Rights Based Approach. Since taking office in 2009, there have been initiatives on the SAN under the coordination of the Ministry of Social Inclusion, which depends directly from the President of the Republic through the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency. Furthermore, on 30 October 2009, the President signed the "Declaration of El Salvador in support of the Eradication of Hunger in 2025”, reiterating its commitment to the goal of fighting hunger through a human rights-based approach. Moreover, on 31 October 2010, the National Council for Food Security and Nutrition (CONASAN) adopted three resolutions: (i) a decision to propose the creation of a strategic unit of Family Agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture, (ii) a resolution calling FAO for assistance for the formulation of policy and legal framework of food security as a human rights approach, and (iii) a resolution to launch a National Forum on Food Security and Nutrition, aimed at validating and discussing what had been previously developed by the National Policy CONASAN.

Latest news:


El Salvador – Launch of the Right to Food Awareness Campaign

On 20 November 2013 the FAO Office in El Salvador launched the Right to food awareness campaign and its linkages with Food Security and Nutrition, created together with the Association of Participatory Radio and Programmes of El Salvador (ARPAS), with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of El Salvador.

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“A short account from a mission to El Salvador”

El Salvador – October 2012. FAO contributed to the capacity strengthening on the right to food of Parliamentarians in several countries. In that context, the team of the project Right to Food at Country Level, managed by the Right to Food Team of FAO, organized a mission to El Salvador in October 2012, in light of the strong will from various actors in the country as well as the support of the FAO Representation in El Salvador.

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Professionals in El Salvador complete a Training of Trainers course on the Right to Adequate Food

El Salvador - 4 June 2013. A group of 39 Salvadoran professionals in Law, Nutrition, Education and Biology, among other areas, concluded this week the training course on the Right to Adequate Food conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). "The main objective of this training course was to provide participants tools to better grasp the concept of the Right to Adequate Food in a practical way.

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