Central American Council of Human Rights Ombudsmen (CCPDH)


As part of the XLV Meeting of Central American Council of Human Rights Ombudsmen (CCPDH) in November 2011 in El Salvador a declaration on the Right to Food was passed, by which the Ombudsmen, Ombudsman Institutions and Attorneys in Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua and El Salvador highlighted the need to enforce this right through concrete actions at national and regional levels.

This Right to Food declaration urges States to adopt Food and Nutrition Security as a state policy.
It also requests the States to take action on public policy; legislation and institution building; allocation and implementation of budgetary resources; monitoring and evaluation; and participation of citizens and social movements in the planning, implementation and monitoring.

The project supported this important meeting as well as a regional training workshop on the right to food, where participants had an opportunity to share experiences to enhance the promotion and protection of the right to food at national level.

The XLV Meeting of Central American Council of Human Rights Ombudsmen (CCPDH) and the training workshop and exchange of experiences on the right to food was developed in the close collaboration of the FAO and the CCPDH and through the project "Responses consistent for Security Food: Mainstreaming the Right to Food in Global and Regional Initiatives for Food Security" in collaboration with the Support Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean without Hunger, both financed by Spain.

Funded by Spain