Guide on Legislating for the Right to Food

Authors: Dubravka Bojic Bultrini, Margret Vidar, Lidija Knuth

Right to Food Methodological Toolbox / Book 1, 2009.

The Guide on Legislating for the Right to Food provides assistance to legislators and lawyers as to how to integrate the right to food into the different levels of the national legislation. It describes different ways to protect the right to food in the constitution, provides step-by-step guidance on drafting a framework law and, presents a methodology for reviewing the compatibility of sectoral laws with the right to food. A large variety of country examples and experiences related to legislative processes regarding the right to adequate food implementation are presented in the guide.

Legal DatabaseThis book includes a companion CD-ROM, which consists of a Legal Database and a PDF version of the Guide on Legislating for the Right to Food.

To acesss the online version of the CD-ROM, click here.

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