The Right to Food in the CARICOM Region – An Assessment Report

Authors: Maarten Immink, Luisa Cruz, Margret Vidar

Right to Food Study, 2013.

This publication presents coherent and systematic information and analysis about: the current food and nutrition security situation in the CARICOM Region and in CARICOM Member States, and the relevant legal, policy and institutional environments in the Region with respect to the protection and realization of the right to food.

The assessment consists of four parts: (a) an analysis of the current food and nutrition security situation and recent trends, focusing on identifying structural inequities with respect to the protection and realization of the right to food, (b) an analysis of the legal environment for the right to food with reference to international law obligations, constitutional provisions, relevant domestic legislation and human rights institutions in CARICOM Member States, (c) an inventory of regional policies that relate to the right to food, and (d) an inventory of governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations with mandates and activities related to the protection and realization of the right to food.  

The intended uses of the findings and conclusions of the assessment are:  

  • Identify cross-cutting actions to strengthen the right to food underpinnings of regional and national food and nutrition security policies and action plans;
  • Provide CARICOM Member States with key elements to conduct right to food assessments;
  • Provide regional and national civil society organizations with relevant information to aid their participation in food and nutrition security policy formulation and to contribute to the adherence of right to food principles;
  • Provide FAO staff with relevant knowledge and information to increase the effectiveness and relevance of policy assistance offered to CARICOM and its Member States.

Available only in English.

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Capacity Development,Advocacy,Legal Issues,International Law,National Legislation,Monitoring,Analysis,Policy,Food Security and Nutrition


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