General aspects regarding monitoring the right to food

Authors: Maarten Immink, Wenche Barth Eide, Arne Oshaug / Editors: José Mª Medina Rey, Mª Teresa de Febrer (PROSALUS)

Right to Food Handbooks 4, 2014.

This handbook, introductory to the group of those which are devoted to the process of monitoring the right to food, presents the conceptual basis for monitoring centered and based on a human rights approach. It also provides a description of the methodological and analytical agenda for monitoring.

The content of this handbook is based on the FAO’s “Methods to monitor the human right to adequate food” (Volume I and Volume II).  It provides a description of the methods for monitoring based on a human rights approach, which entails following up the introduction of human rights principles in the formulation, financing and implementation of relevant policies, programmes, projects and activities as well as their impact on the realization of rights. It is also important to verify that the monitoring process itself has been inspired by and is consistent with the principles of human rights.

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