Right to Food and access to natural resources

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

"Focus on" Series, 2007.

This paper “Right to Food and Access to Natural Resources” is a part of the "Focus on" series, which also entails papers on “Right to Food and Bioenergy”, "Right to Food and HIV/AIDS”, “Right to Food and Gender” and “Right to Food and Indigenous Peoples”.

Until recently, human rights issues have been the domain of lawyers and human rights campaigners while resource access issues were tackled by technical interventions and political mobilization. Today human rights principles and language are being used to support resource access claims as rights-based approaches empower individuals and groups to gain or maintain access to natural resources.

All human rights are interdependent and interrelated; consequently, realizing other rights may be instrumental in realizing the right to food. These include the freedom to hold property and to live free of discrimination.

The paper addresses the right to food and access to natural resources in regard to Right to Food Guidelines Provisions, Violations and State Obligations.

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