The right to adequate food is realized when every man, woman and child, alone or in community with others, has the physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for its procurement.

– General Comment 12 (CESCR)


CFS41: Reaffirming the importance of the
Right to Food Guidelines

21 October 2014

The 41st session of the Committee on Food Security (CFS) provided the opportunity for some Member Countries (El Salvador, India and Jordan) to share their national experiences in implementing the Right to Food Guidelines, and for all CFS Member Countries, to reaffirm their commitment to implement the Right to Food Guidelines and strive for the realization of the right to adequate food of all in the years to come through the consensually adopted Decision Box “Right to Food – Ten Year Perspective”.

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Review of the legislative framework and jurisprudence concerning the right to adequate food in Nepal

Now also available in Nepalese.
[10.10.2014] The FAO Right to Food Team, in collaboration with the FAO Development Law Branch and Office in Nepal, is pleased to announce the launch of the Review of the legislative framework and jurisprudence concerning the right to adequate food in Nepal. The review discusses overarching aspects of Nepalese law and jurisprudence dealing with this human right. It provides a critical assessment of constitutional as well as legislative provisions and offers a thorough analysis of Supreme Court jurisprudence pertaining to the right to food. In addition to judicial remedy, the review also covers non-judicial means of remedy against the violation of food rights. Finally, the review also offers a set of concrete recommendations, touching upon a wide range of aspects of the human right to adequate food.

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Draft Law on Right to Food to be discussed at the Mexican Senate

The motion was previously approved by unanimity in the
Chambers of Deputy

After being approved by unanimity, with 363 votes in favor, no votes against and no abstentions; the “Draft Law on the Right to Adequate Food” has been sent to the upper chamber to be discussed in coming months. The draft became the first bill of national scope in this matter approved by a legislative branch in Mexico, an important step towards the regulation of the right to adequate food, enshrined in the Constitution since 2012.

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Briefs on the right to food in Guatemala and Nicaragua

Caritas Guatemala and Caritas Nicaragua presented in Managua and Guatemala City a study on the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines to Support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security (Right to Food Guidelines) in both countries. Also in Guatemala, the Social Collective for the Right to Food published its Alternative brief on the right to food in Guatemala, published annually since it started its activities in 2007.

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