FAO Council

170th Session
13 - 17 June 2022

Introduction to Agenda Items

Item 3:

Programme Implementation Report 2020-21

Item 4:

FAO thematic Strategy on Climate Change

Item 5:

FAO thematic Science and Innovation Strategy

Item 6:

Impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict on global food security and related matters under the mandate of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Item 7:

Update on FAO’s Response to COVID19: Building to transform

Item 8:

Update on the Hand-in-Hand Initiative

Item 9:

Regional Conferences



Report of the 32nd session of the Regional Conference for Africa (Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 11-14 April 2022)



Report of the 36th session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (Dhaka, Bangladesh, 8-11 March 2022)



Report of the 33rd session of the Regional Conference for Europe (Łódź, Poland, 10-13 May 2022)



Report of the 37th session of the Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (Quito, Ecuador, 28 March-1 April 2022)



Report of the 36th session of the Regional Conference of the Near East (Baghdad, Iraq, Senior Officers Meeting 10-13 January 2022 and Ministerial Meeting 7-8 February 2022)



Report of the seventh informal Regional Conference for North America (United States of America, 12-14 April 2022)

Item 10:

Report of the Joint Meeting of the 133rd session of the Programme Committee and 191st session of the Finance Committee (May 2022)

Item 11:

Report of the 133rd Session of the Programme Committee (16-20 May 2022)

Item 12:

Reports of the 189th (17 December 2021), 190th (18 February 2022) and 191st (16-20 May 2022) sessions of the Finance Committee

Item 13:

Report of the 115th session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (21-23 March 2022)

Item 15:

Governance of FAO’s statistical and other data activities and their alignment with the cross-cutting FAO policies on Protection of Data and Intellectual Property Rights

Item 17:

Restoration by the Conference of the voting rights of Member Nations in arrears in the payment of their financial contributions to the Organization

Item 18:

Resumption of the Management and Administrative Review of FAO by the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations