XIV World Forest Congress 2015

#Forests2015 Social Media Boot Camp

Friday 4 SeptemberSunday 6 September (plus Congress week)

See rooms, times and speakers: Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

Smarten up your social media skills by attending our capacity-building #Forests2015 Social Media Boot Camp. Designed for both social media novices and those with more experience, this hands-on training is free and open to professional communicators from organizations and institutes participating in the Congress. The Boot Camp consists of three parts:

Part 1: Run-up to the Congress

During the months prior to the Congress, all participants will be integrated into a virtual working group, preparing the social media strategy and tools for the Congress itself through online discussions.

Part 2: Social media induction course (4-6 September)

This is a three-day on-site social media training course for professionals at the Congress venue. The programme includes:

  • Overview of social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr etc) and their use within a professional context
  • Introduction to social media strategies and how to measure impact and success
  • Hands-on training on how to write professional blog posts and how to use Twitter as an outreach and networking tool
  • Practical exercises
  • Introduction to social reporting as an interactive and real-time reporting tool
  • Overview of the social media project at the Congress, as an example of a strategic use of online media tools
  • Division of tasks for social reporting at the Congress

Part 3: Social Reporting at the Congress (7-11 September)

As a hands-on practical exercise, all trainees will be social reporters at the Congress, using the tools and techniques acquired in the induction course. During the Congress we will provide interactive support and guidance to all trainees so they can fine-tune their skill set.

Trainees will need to bring their own laptop computer and any other tools they might want to use (e.g. still camera, video camera, audio recording devices).

Who can attend?

The training is open to professional communicators from organizations and institutes participating in the Congress. Please note that you must be registered to attend the Congress to participate in the Social Media Boot Camp, and that as part of the training programme, all participants commit to be part of the Congress's social reporting team for the duration of the Congress.

Spaces are limited and will be designated to provide a regional balance of participants. Applications for the boot camp are now closed.