FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional initiative Prosperous and inclusive rural societies

This initiative seeks to eradicate hunger and poverty in rural areas, stimulating the development of new economic opportunities in lagging territories.

FAO promotes a prosperous, inclusive, efficient and resilient rurality, through four key actions: the Hand-in-Hand global initiative, the Decade of Family Farming, the 1000 Digital Villages global initiative and the One Country One Priority Product global initiative.

Prosperous and inclusive rural societies

Without prosperous and inclusive rural territories, Latin America and the Caribbean will not be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Despite the enormous natural potential of the region, half of the rural inhabitants live in poverty and 20 percent in extreme poverty. This context imposes a double challenge: to continue the region's progress in reducing poverty and hunger, addressing the ethnic, economic, social, territorial and gender inequalities that still mark the rural societies of the region, while also implementing broader rural development agendas, which can lead to an inclusive growth dynamic for all actors.

Towards the implementation of this new rural development agenda, FAO offers support to member countries in:

  • Providing technical assistance for the design, implementation and evaluation of rural development policies, promoting the development of political dialogue and technical exchanges.
  • Supporting the countries of the region in building economic development strategies aimed at increasing productivity, social inclusion and sustainability.
  • Contributing to strategic cooperation between the social, productive and environmental Sectors.
  • Making available its technical resources, tools and standards developed and validated Internationally.
  • Providing technical assistance to countries to develop rural development policies adapted to the needs of each population group, and in the implementation of a rights-based approach at the programmatic level, especially in the case of women, rural youth, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants.
  • Supporting the countries of the region in the political, social, organizational and technical strengthening of family farming and artisanal fishing organizations, and related public institutional frameworks; making them visible.


  • Global Action Plan
  • Digital technologies in agriculture and rural areas: Status Report
  • The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020
  • Panorama of Rural Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018
  • Systematization of good practices in Latin America and the Caribbean

Family Farming Knowledge Platform

The Family Farming Knowledge Platform gathers digitized quality information on family farming from all over the world; including national laws and regulations, public policies, best practices, relevant data and statistics, researches, articles and publications.