Antimicrobial Resistance

Infectious Diseases Institute of the Ohio State University (OSU)


208 Bricker Hall, 190 North Oval Mall, Columbus, Ohio
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Date of Designation

30 January 2020

Areas of work

  • Development and dissemination of training programmes on the emergence and spread of AMR in animals and foodborne pathogens
  • Development and implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programs for veterinary healthcare institutions and agricultural production settings
  • Detection, identification and best practices to reduce AMR infections in animals
  • Design, development and implementation of national integrated AMR surveillance programmes in food and agriculture
  • Epidemiological studies of antimicrobial resistant infections, including zoonotic foodborne transmission and environmental dissemination
  • One Health initiatives to understand and reduce the impact of AMR

Key activities

  • Designing and conducting training programs on AMR surveillance in food and agriculture (e.g. e-learning courses, webinar, workshops) 
  • Providing support for the establishment and implementation of AMR surveillance programs in food and agriculture in low and middle income countries (LMIC)
  • Collaborating in AMR research and research capacity building in LMICs
  • Conducting research on identification of alternatives to antimicrobials and interventions to manage AMR in agricultural settings
  • Supporting capacity building activities and contributing to FAO’s data platform on AMR and antimicrobial use
  • Supporting assessment of laboratories and AMR surveillance systems in food and agriculture using FAO-ATLASS assessors
  • Contributing to the development of One Health AMR curricula with a strong epidemiological component for various stakeholders in the food and agriculture sectors
  • Providing One Health AMR training in East Africa and Latin America
  • Developing guidelines on appropriate antimicrobial use and best practices for veterinarians and animal health professionals working in the food and agriculture sectors  

Working languages

  • English
  • Spanish




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