Antimicrobial Resistance

The French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES)


14 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 94701 MAISONS-ALFORT Cedex 
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Date of designation

24 November 2020

Areas of work

  • Development and dissemination of prudent use guidelines in all animal species;
  • Develop capacity for surveillance of AMR, AMU and Residues;
  • Support on the development of a global AMR database and global interpretation of compiled AMR data
  • Research on altenatives of antimicrobials in different food and agriculture sectors;
  • Development/contribution to One Health AMR curricula for various stakeholders and sectors;
  • Development of learning materials and implementation of training programs in appropriate formats (e.g. e-learning courses, webinar, workshops etc); 

Key Activities

The main objective of the activities is to support the implementation of FAO Action Plan on AMR, and provide support to members, particularly to raise awareness, develop laboratory, surveillance and epidemiological capacity, strengthen governance and promote good practices as well as responsible use of antimicrobials:

  • Organization of scientific meetings with all stakeholders on AMR in the frame of the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week;
  • Organization of the course on AMR and One Health: implications for agricultural systems, food safety and the environment
  • Conduct training and education for FAO Member on issues related to AMR;
  • Train ANSES experts to become FAO Assessment Tool for Laboratories and AMR Surveillance Systems (FAO-ATLASS) assessors and support the laboratory capacity building and the implementation of the FAO-ATLASS;
  • Conducts training sessions on AMR that can be transposed to foreign labs and countries; support the identification and assessment of the efficacy of potential alternatives to AMU in different food production systems;
  • Participate in collaborative research on AMR, particularly those related to developing and improving practices and alternatives to antimicrobials;
  • Organize of a PT program on AMR in Africa and repeat it;
  • Support the development of a global AMR database and global interpretation of compiled AMR data and reporting (including indicators, impact measurement, etc);
  • Contribute to the development of guidelines on good practices and antimicrobial use in food and agriculture. 

Working languages 

  • English
  • French

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