Climate Change


FAO’s Strategy on Climate Change 2022-31 supports countries to make agrifood systems more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable

Latest IPCC report highlights the critical need to transform agrifood systems as a way to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Green Climate Fund approves new projects worth $145.3 million for climate action in Bolivia, Cambodia and The Philippines

The initiatives in partnership with FAO are focused on fostering climate adaptation and resilience for smallholder farmers

Building resilient agrifood systems in Least Developed Countries in the face of risk and uncertainty: FAO Chief Economist

At the 5th UN Conference on the LDCs in Doha, Qatar, Máximo Torero called for investments to minimize, cope and recover from risks affecting food security

To transform agrifood systems, we must implement climate change and biodiversity agendas in tandem

The rethinking of food and agriculture and the necessary sector transformations we need moving forward must take into consideration the implementation...

Celebrating women’s leadership in climate action

“Empower women and girls. Empowering women is the single most important way to ensure effective climate action. Women not only have the right to...

Implementing SHARP+ to foster transformative climate actions in Uganda’s cattle corridor

Uganda’s cattle corridor is facing increased climate extremes and variability, contributing to the reduction in agricultural yields, water scarcity,...

FAO’s Climate Risk Toolbox highlighted at IPPN’s Knowledge Café

On January 18, FAO presented one of its latest tools developed by the Office of Climate Change Biodiversity and Environment (OCB)to support climate...

Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Two new sites recognized in Ecuador’s Andes and Amazon regions

Indigenous women play a leading role in the biodiverse agricultural and agroforestry systems, known as chakras

World Pulses Day 2023 highlights how pulses are at the core of sustainability

From sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and Latin America, the production and consumption of pulses increase the resilience of farming systems and improve...